Our catalogue gets richer and richer every month in order to satisfy your company, employees and customers with the best digital rewards for the entire Euro Zone and beyond.

In February there are many new gift cards that we recommend for the best incentive and reward programs in Poland, Italy, and Portugal.

Here there are all the latest additions to our catalogue:

February news for incentive and reward all over europe

Uber Rides Gift Card for Poland

Choose Uber Rides Gift Card to incentivize and reward your employees and customers in Poland with a corporate benefit they will certainly appreciate.

With the Uber app, you can get wherever you want with access to a variety of rides in over 10,000 cities. Planning a trip with Uber is easy. Compare ways to travel and see what’s happening in your area. Are you going to another place? See all the cities that Uber operates in.

With the Uber app, you can get wherever you want with access to a variety of rides in over 10,000 cities.

Uber Eats Gift Card for Poland

Uber Eats Gift Card is the perfect business gift to reward your employees and customers in Poland with a successful incentive they will love. Uber Eats Gift Card is the solution for a sudden desire for something crunchy or a sweet snack at the office, for a dinner at home with friends or a Sunday lunch with family. There is no taste experience that Uber Eats can arrange in a matter of minutes!

Uber Eats offers a full menu from an extensive list of restaurants and shops, so you can order your favorite meals at any time directly through the mobile App… enjoy!

Playstation Gift Card for Portugal

Playstation Gift Card: the perfect business gift to your employees and customers in Portugal who love gaming and enjoy sharing videogaming experiences with their families and friends. If your employees and customers are not gamers themselves, don’t worry! They can always use the Gift Cards received from the company as very successful personal gifts for birthdays, Christmas and any sort of special occasion where they would like to surprise family and friends with a stunning gift.

A Playstation card allows you to top up your Playstation Store wallet without having to provide your bank and personal details. Use your Playstation Store credit by downloading the best games, extensions, avatars, themes, movies, music and series on your console for Playstation, PS3, PS4 and PSVita consoles.
It also allows you to play online, making it a Playstation Plus subscription! Playstation Store cards are cumulative and can only be redeemed for credit once for the full amount.

Romagna Holiday Card for Italy

Romagna Holiday Card is the ultimate travel and holiday gift card for Italy. Perfect as a business gift it can also be a very appreciated customer reward.

Romagna Holiday Card is provided by Turismhotels, the cooperative of hoteliers of Bellaria Igea Marina: founded in 1976, with 102 associated structures of all categories (2 ** / 3 *** / 4 ****) it offers the widest choice of hotel solutions. Our goal is to provide customers with the best for holidays, from hospitality to services. The passionate work guarantees customers a real knowledge of the territory, its excellence and its peculiarities. Hotels are available for individual bookings, groups, family, sport and business offers and for all experiences that can enrich the stay: excursions, guided tours, entertainment, theme parks, courses and workshops.

The Romagna Holiday Gift Card is not personal and can be transferred, can be divided up and combined with other Romagna Holiday Gift Cards, but not with other promotions. The Gift Card does not guarantee availability in the chosen period: reservations are always on request and subject to availability. See you soon in Romagna with your Gift Card!

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