Idea Shopping

Are you looking for a simple but customizable incentive? ideaShopping is the perfect solution for you.

ideaShopping is the incentive multibrand card and online platform where rewarded employees can spend their credit.

Amilon Idea Shopping multibrand gift card and online platform for the entire Eurozone

ideaShopping is:


ideaShopping guarantees real free choice on more than 150 brands


ideaShopping can be used in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria


Select your preferred navigation language from English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese


There are many winning, features for companies, including:

Companies can choose the standard version of ideaShopping or they can customize:

The best incentive is freedom of choice. Start incentivizing your company with ideaShopping now.

ideaShopping is the most appreciated gift card of our catalogue. Recommended for smart, innovative and flexible companies that are looking for an outstanding incentive and digital reward.

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