Your Digital Gift Card Partner

Since 2007 Amilon has been the market leader in Europe for the management of digital gift card programs and the creation of distribution strategies for gift cards, vouchers and top-ups, converging in a unique Branded Currency.

Thanks to partnerships with over 180 Merchants and an international development plan, Amilon is the ideal gift card partner for both companies and merchants, offering a team of over 70 professionals in the digital gift card market.

Since 2019 Amilon has been part of the Zucchetti Group, the leading Italian software house, with a strong international projection.

The Next Level of Martech, Fintech and Adtech

Amilon vision and mission have always been reflected by the closer convergence of Martech, Fintech and Adtech, that identifies with our unique 360° offer on the gift card Market, both for companies and merchants that are looking for the best gift card partner for their strategies.


Martech is represented by our conception of Gift Cards as marketing tools, to increase brand awareness, customer engagement, as well as to implement loyalty programs and promotional activities.


Fintech is an essential aspect of our offer, and is represented by our innovative conception of Gift Cards as Branded Currency. Digital Gift Cards are pure credit of the brands: a payment method that can be used for daily expenses or pleasure shopping, directly from the smartphone or any device. We have created effectively strategies for the Brands, to allow them to exploit the entire potential of this incredible asset that are the Branded Currencies.


Adtech is the most unique aspect of our offer, that distinguishes Amilon in the whole gift card Market: Amilon Media. Amilon Media is a full digital Media offer that combines digital advertisement with advanced Data Analysis to create powerful branded strategies, using the full potential of digital gift cards. Thanks to Amilon Media, Merchants can gather precise data of their customers behaviour and influence their next purchasing actions.

This is our Soul, made of three important aspects that add value one to the other and exponentially enhance our offer.

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