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Digital ADV is everywhere. Why not on digital gift cards too? After all gift cards are pure cash in the hands of consumers and putting digital ADV on them is equivalent to putting adv on a banknote.

Gift Card Media enables Merchants to reach out to their customers when they have their digital gift card and they are deciding how and when to spend it.

Gift Card Media is particularly recommended for Merchants that are looking for solutions to maximize their customer base acquisition and influence their customers behavior, through:

  • Retargeting campaigns, directly on vouchers, through social networks or high traffic websites

  • Display campaigns, on vouchers and on display adv network

Last but not least, Gift Card Media enables Merchants to monitor and profile their customers, from a deep understanding of their preferences and purchasing behavior, to their reactions to advs, resulting in:

With Gift Card Media nothing is left to chance and KPI monitoring and adv campaigns assure you greater control of your customer base, also enabling the acquisition of new customers.

Learn more about the Digital ADV campaigns available for your Vouchers and your web properties, by getting in touch directly with our Advisory Expert Team.

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