Activating your own Digital Gift Card offer with Amilon opens up a world of different opportunities for your Brand. Amilon has partnerships and collaborations with more than 1000 companies, marketing agencies, and associations all over the world.

Entering the world of Amilon Digital Gift Cards will guarantee you the opportunity of immediately selling and distributing your digital gift cards in the largest corporate benefit and welfare program in the world, in particular Europe and Latin America.

Nowadays, it’s a fact that Digital Gift Cards are one of the most preferred incentives on the corporate benefit market. Adding your offer to the market will be an asset and a guaranteed revenue-driver for your Brand, in terms of:

Amilon Electonic gift cards category

Sales increment

expand your customer base to companies and their network of customers, partners, and suppliers.

Customer acquisition

expand your customer base by also activating B2B2C strategies.

Brand awareness

stand out in the incentive market with your brand, your products, and your offer.