Ready, set, go! The countdown has begun

Christmas is just a few days away, and along with the Christmas spirit, decorations and vacations comes the thought of gifts to customers and employees. For some people, corporate gifts can be a real problem. You never know what people will like, time is running out, and the risk of giving an unwelcome gift is just around the corner.


One great gift is giving employees and customers the access to a great vacation

Giving the perfect Christmas gift has never been easier: Airbnb gift cards have just arrived on the Amilon catalog and give access to an incredible range of unique accommodations and experiences, all over the world.

Giving the gift of travel means giving the gift of beautiful, lasting memories. But it’s hard to identify everyone’s dream trip: a mountain retreat or a beach getaway? The relaxation of a villa with a pool or a vacation in a vibrant city? Now you can give it all away with an Airbnb gift card.


What are you waiting for? You can order them here.


Airbnb gift card 2


Want to have multiple brands to choose from? We have the solution for you: Christmas card, the multi-brand gift card, spendable on our entire catalog. You can order them here.