Nowadays, Digital Gift Cards are becoming more and more popular as incentives and rewards for customers for:

  • promotion strategies
  • loyalty programs
  • prize-catalogs

Start your Digital Gift Card Incentive and Promotion Distribution now, and broaden your customer base.

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Distribute your gift cards for incentive and promotion

Marketing agencies choose Digital Gift Cards for their winning features as incentives and rewards, making them:

Amilon is the first choice Partner Distributor for over 180 Brands all over the world, and especially for European and Latin American players, who are looking for a partner with whom distribute and sell their products on the B2B market.

Engagement, loyalty and customer retention are becoming more and more important for accomplishing a solid presence on the Retail market.

Become part of the Amilon Distribution Network for Incentive and Promotion, and connected with over 1000 companies, marketing agencies and associations, to archieve immediate results.

Enlarge your distribution network and reach b2b customers for incentive and promotion activities

Sales Increment

You will increase your customer base to include companies, marketing agencies, etc. and their clients.

Customer acquisition

You will expand your customer base by also activating B2B2C strategies.

Brand awareness

You will stand out in the incentive market with your brand, your products, and your offer.