Nowadays, Data Analysis and Customer Insight are key elements for creating a conscious and solid brand strategy. In order to enhance customer acquisition and create loyalty strategies, it is fundamental for Merchants to know in detail their own brand customers and also the features and characteristics of their potential customers.

We at Amilon firmly believe that effective strategies can only come from numbers, KPIs and Data Analysis that allow Merchants to gather that 360° knowledge of their customers they need to effectively create marketing and loyalty strategies.
For this reason, an essential part of our Advisory Solution offer to Merchants is represented by Data Analysis and Customer Insight.

Our Expert Team provides Brand’s CRM Managers and Marketing Managers with specific Data analysis on their customers and potential customers.

Our work starts with the Target. In particular it consists of:

Targets are defined by a mix of personal data KPIs, e.g. demographic, geolocation, interests, hobbies, etc., and especially behavioral data, e.g. monetary, frequency, recency, basket analysis, etc.

Our Analyses range from the simplest Segmentation (Top, Medium, Bottom), to RFM Analysis, and the Behavioral Segmentation with Data Mining instruments.

Moreover, our Team is there to support you and your Brand in creating effective CRM strategies, getting the best results from the gathered data, such as:

We use different methods for results analytics ( for instance ROI is analyzed through the use of Target Group vs Control Group) that are all aimed to understand the effectiveness of the implemented activities.

Take your Brand Loyalty and CRM strategies to the next level.

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