Merchants that are looking to level up their network, their sales market as well as both enlarging their customer base and engagement, can find their solution in Omnichannel Distribution.

Digital Gift Card distribution can take place both online and offline, but to get the best from the gift card business, Merchants choose to go Omnichannel. Amilon has an extensive distribution network that is ready for you to use, for an upgrade in your gift cards sales.

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Amilon can include Merchants in every segment of its active and expanding distribution network, namely:

Moreover, digital gift cards are so powerful that every B2B program that is activated, in a short time brings to Merchants the greatest results in terms of customer acquisition and brand awareness. B2B2C strategies have been underestimated for a while but now it is clear to everyone how powerful they are.

Therefore, our collaboration goal, is to guide you in creating the perfect Omnichannel Program for your brand, so that you can achieve the results you are looking for.

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