It is with great pride that we announce the birth of our Polish subsidiary: Amilon Polska.

Almost three years have passed since our arrival in the Polish market. Since then, it has been a crescendo of satisfaction that has led us to this remarkable achievement: a new office in Warsaw, of which we are very proud.

Amilon Polska, with its ever-growing team, will be based on the Astoria Business Link in the city centre. A cosy place, created in harmony between usability and prestige.

“We believe that Poland is a very promising market, which is why we decided to invest by opening a legal entity Amilon Polska with a team of experienced professionals,” comments Fabio Regazzoni, CEO of Amilon.

Andrea Verri, CEO of Amilon, adds “We have found in Polish companies great attention to the issues of employee engagement and motivation, a consideration that goes far beyond the tax benefits granted by the government”.

Amilon in these months of presence in Poland has already built an important position as a gift card supplier in the B2B channel. Among the commercial advantages of Amilon, Polish customers particularly appreciate the international catalogue and the combination of many brands in one supplier.

In the coming months, we will work on market expansion, adaptation of the brand catalogue, and new business solutions for the B2B sector.

The world of benefits and gift cards is constantly growing in Poland. The current value of employers’ investments in non-wage benefits is estimated at PLN 13 billion, with an annual increase of 8%. Almost 90% of employers in Poland offer a non-wage benefit as a standard incentive.

These promising figures have recently prompted us to launch a new product in the Polish market: Karta Kultura, a multi-brand gift card for companies, which allows them to disburse part of the Social Fund funds to employees and collaborators.

The new team is ready to take care of our new and existing business partners.

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