It has been almost a year since the whole world is doomed by the covid-19 pandemic. In just a month, Christmas celebrations will take place with the burden of a negative atmosphere of uncertainty and emergency that is now widely spread in every country. 

This year there won’t be any corporate dinners, any corporate Christmas parties or any Christmas celebrations with colleagues and clients. However, this is also the year when it is most important to recognize the good job of our employees and partners and reward them with a Christmas corporate gift that can be concretely useful and helpful for them. 

Maximum flexibility for the perfect Christmas gift 

The best corporate solution for this peculiar 2020 Christmas surely is choosing among shopping vouchers and digital gift cards for employees and customers. In fact, these options can truly be supportive to workers by integrating their salaries, since vouchers and gift cards are credits that can be spent to do shopping on whatever the recipients prefer, from daily expenses to Christmas Shopping.  

Idea Shopping is Amilon’s digital gift card that is specifically aimed to ease logistics and delivery of business gifts and to help companies in choosing the best reward for their employees and customers. And it is well known that the best gift is the one that we are free to choose for ourselvesThis is exactly what digital gift cards allow companies to do: offering a digital credit that recipients can spend to shop on more than 100 brands in the Eurozone and beyondAmilon catalogue include more than 20 product categories, from clothing, accessories, home furniture and design, to electronics, food, travel, culture and much more.  

All the advantages ensured by Christmas Card: the digital reward and corporate benefit that supports the economy recovery 

The most remarkable feature of Idea Shopping is certainly the freedom of choice it offers on how to spend it, but the advantages are many more:  

  • It is a 100% digital solution: companies can shop it online, deliver it digitally through SMS, e-mail or WhatsApp and few instants Christmas Card can reach employees and customer all over Europe.
  • It is a 100% convenient solution: some countries have specific policies for corporate giftsrewards and incentives and they have a particular tax-treatment for them. Get in touch with our Expert Team and find out what advantages there are for companies in your country.
  • It is a 100% flexible solution: companies can choose gift cards quantity and denomination and the recipients choose how to spend them 

To conclude, Idea Shopping is the Christmas Card that is a winning solution from every point of viewit is a useful corporate gift that helps both workers and the shops. In factchoosing gift cards as a Christmas gift, supports local commercial activities ensuring them sales during a period when their shops may be closed. Customers who receive a gift card now can spend it later on when the emergency will be over, enjoying their beloved Christmas gift.

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