By Karol Ziółkowski, Business Development Manager Poland @Amilon

The current value of employers’ investments in non-wage benefits in Poland is estimated at PLN 13 bln, increasing 8% annually. Nearly 90% of employers in Poland offer a non-wage benefit as a standard incentive. The growing competition for candidates and lacking workforce cause a growing interest in the benefits, leading to increase in the portfolio offered and the average value.

What type of benefits?

Non-wage benefits are important elements influencing employee’s decision to take up a job in a company and a factor building loyalty and motivation for employees retention. In Poland companies usually offer a healthcare package, a sport card and ‘cafeteria platforms’, offering vouchers and gift cards for various brands. In fact, gift cards gain in awareness and represent a more and more attractive employee incentive.

Benefits target groups

In the (almost) post-pandemic situation on the labor market, with fluctuating and lacking workforce, investment in benefits helps attract and retain employees. Its scope also enlarge: employers invest not only in medical care and gym vouchers, but they are constantly offering new extras such as vouchers and gift cards, thus providing employees with the freedom to choose and match the offer with their lifestyle, habits and tastes.

The popularity of benefits and gift cards is also explained by its appearance in the industries in which they were not popular until recently – e.g. in supermarket employees and physical workers. In the coming years companies will individualize their offer to better adapt to the needs of employees, which in parallel means that the growth of the benefits and gift cards market will keep on growing.

Amilon as the gift cards provider in Poland

Amilon throughout its 19-months presence in Poland has already built a recognizable position of a gift card provider in the B2B channel. As business advantages clients mostly underline the international portfolio and aggregation of many brands within one single provider – a sort of one stop shop. In the upcoming months we will work on the market expansion, brand portfolio adaptation and new business solutions to attract B2B sector.

A new update from the Amilon world awaits you in November.

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