Human Resources


Choose digital incentive and reward schemes for your collaborators, moving beyond the traditional use of incentives in the wage packet. A new logic that heightens the sense of belonging, team work and productivity in a tangible and immediate way, all thanks to Amilon's platforms and digital gift cards.

Case History


Corporate Welfare goes digital: thanks to Amilon it’s easy to manage Fringe Benefits for your employees at zero logistical and warehouse costs. We also complete your Flexible Benefit schemes with a unique selection of digital gift cards that can be downloaded and spent in “real time”. Digital gift cards, with a face value of up to € 258, are not employee income (pursuant to TUIR law, art. 51) and are a key factor for ensuring the satisfaction of your employees.

Amilon’s solutions provide Gift Cards that are used as Fringe Benefits for over 65,000 employees all over Italy. It also collaborates with the main Welfare agencies and consulting companies, which implement and develop Flexible Benefit schemes, and provides its Idea Shopping products to businesses interested in giving their collaborators Fringe Benefits in a wholly digital and innovative manner.

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