By Venceslao Spalletti, Head of Business Development @Amilon

Why does rewarding an employee benefit the company?

I would start by saying that an employee rewarded for a positive action is a fulfilled and satisfied employee. This fulfilment leads him/her to motivated to work for a company that recognizes his/her efforts.
However, the question is “Why shouldn’t I, as a manager or a company, reward an employee?”.

Each individual gets motivated differently. Having a clear understanding of what drives each team member to perform well can be critical to the business’s success.

Liz Guthridge, Managing Director of Connect Consulting Group in South Carolina, explains that recognition fills a fundamental need in the world of work and says:

“People crave recognition. Recognition confirms that you are doing the right thing and encourages you to keep doing it. In addition, the act of giving and receiving awards makes both the giver and the receiver feel good by increasing the level of dopamine, the feel-good neurotransmitter”.

What are the most effective ways to reward an employee?

I think a crucial mantra is to find the proper reward for each employee. And what more effective reward than the one chosen by the employee him/herself?

The Amilon catalog does precisely that and offers a 360° choice within all sectors, from travel to leisure, from major supermarket chains to consumer electronics, from catering to Pay TV.

You deal with new business and strategy is your daily bread. How important is it in choosing the right incentive in your company?

Every day we talk to potential customers who, for one reason or another, are looking for an incentive formula that will help them improve their sales performance. A correct strategy to obtain results is to ask the right questions to the customers to understand their real needs in detail. The more question we ask to our interlocutor, the more information we will obtain that will allow us to define the perfect solution and the right incentive to consider.

It is also essential to pass on to the customer the concept that our incentive solutions bring real and tangible benefits in the short term.

What are the benefits of Multi-brand Gift Cards?

Using a multi-brand gift card brings many advantages not only to the employee, but also to the company. Like all gift cards, the Idea Shopping multi-brand gift card is a fringe benefit, art.51. Fringe benefits within flexible benefits are the set of goods, services made available to employees as a form of non-monetary tax exempted remuneration (Gift Cards, Company Cars, Policies…). The aim is to boost productivity and improve the employee’s quality of life, thus increasing his/her purchasing power.
The multi-brand gift card also has a huge tax advantage and a high perceived value as the freedom of choice and the convenience of the service increase the consideration of the prize. It is a prize that is immediately available for use, with no waiting time. Last but not least, it is easy to use employees can spend it on small daily expenses, for example, can easily download the gift cards in real time, while they are already queueing at the supermarket to pay.

My advice?

A company needs to understand that employees’ motivation and involvement are central. Motivating staff is indispensable to create a positive environment that enables productivity and collaboration.


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