Prize competitions are one of the most popular initiatives among consumers and one of the most used marketing levers by companies to encourage customers. Today we discover all the secrets with Lucia Cademartori, Account Director @Amilon.

Let’s start with the basics: what are prize competitions?

Prize-winning events are competitions and prize operations of any kind consisting of promises of prizes to the public, made to promote, within the territory of the State, the knowledge of products, services, companies, signs or brands, the sale of certain products or the provision of services, having, however, even partly commercial purposes (DPR n. 430, October 26, 2001, art.1).

These initiatives are an extraordinary tool for brand awareness: they involve online and offline and build the loyalty of the target audience thanks to the incentive of the prizes on offer.

Who are they aimed at?

They are initiatives of companies and retailers, created to stimulate purchases, promote the corporate image, increase sales and gratify consumers. They are therefore aimed at end consumers, retailers, intermediaries, dealers, collaborators and employees.

The range of possible initiatives is very wide, so we at Amilon work with the client company to find the best solution to achieve the desired purpose and target.

Can Gift Cards be used in prize competitions?

Article 4 of the Rules and Regulations sets out which prizes can be offered and which cannot.  The permitted prizes include all goods, services, discounts and documents of legitimacy as defined in Art. 2002 of the Civil Code, which can be economically valued.

According to the interpretation of the law, Gift Cards are therefore included among the prizes allowed by the Regulations, as they are qualified for all purposes, pursuant to Article 2002 of the Civil Code, as documents of legitimation, the purpose of which is exclusively to identify the holder as the person entitled to a service at any of the businesses participating in the circuit.

What are the benefits of using Gift Cards from the Amilon Catalogue in prize competitions?

  • Amilon Gift Cards offer a wide range of rewards from the various brands in our catalogue, broadening the experience of the beneficiary, who can benefit from a wide choice. Among the Amilon solutions, Idea Shopping, the multi-brand gift card, is the most suitable for this type of initiative.
  • The digital prize has a high perceived value and is also sent in real time, with no waiting and no ‘surprises’! With physical products, for example, you have to take into account processing times and service costs that can sometimes be significant.
  • Another significant point to consider is the non-deductibility of VAT paid on prizes not subject to VAT, or in the case of Gift Cards, the payment of substitute tax of 20% of the nominal value.

Plan your next prize event with Amilon.

Through a team of expert consultants, Amilon can help you study the most suitable structure for your needs; provide you with a ready-to-use digital Rewards solution and fulfil all the Ministerial duties required to successfully launch your Prize Event.

ABenergie S.p.A. has also turned to Amilon for its Prize Draw: with the “LUCE SHOPPING” offer, new customers receive a €10 Idea Shopping Gift Card every month, for a total of €120 in prizes in the first year of supply.

This is a great strategy not only for acquisition, but also for building loyalty and reducing churn.

My advice?

Less is more!”. A simple, straightforward and easy-to-understand mechanic will certainly appeal more to your target audience and help you achieve your goal.

A new update from the Amilon world awaits you in August.

In the meantime, discover our catalogue and write to us to order gift cards


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