At Amilon, we believe in a world that grows and is enhanced by sustainable entrepreneurship.

Sustainability is a necessity for governments and consumers.

In Italy, one of the objectives of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan is: “improving the sustainability and resilience of the economic system by ensuring a fair and inclusive transition”The Plan includes investments and reforms for the circular economy to achieve new and ambitious goals.

The survey, conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value, involved more than 14,000 adults from nine countries and shows that consumers prefer environmentally conscious brands, even if it means paying more.

According to the study, nine out of ten consumers reported that the pandemic, which has focused on issues such as social security and hygiene, has influenced their views on environmental sustainability. Consumers are increasingly convinced that their purchasing behavior can have a strong impact on the environment.

Building a new normal, while respecting these principles, is the key to making a difference and meeting everyone’s needs.

At Amilon we have always been sustainable: that is why we have created digital gift cards

For a gift, an incentive, a prize, the digital gift card eliminates not only the logistic costs but also the environmental costs related to CO2 emissions for transport, packaging production, and printing, not to forget the reduction of waste.

The plastic gift card is a disposable product. The digital gift card, on the other hand, is an environmentally friendly choice that appeals to the user and meets all green requirements. Needless to say, switching to digital gift cards cuts down on unnecessary packaging, which means less waste.

The digital gift card also reduces returns. According to the National Retail Federation, about 13% of retailers’ total sales are returned. Giving a Gift Card gives customers the freedom to choose their gift, which means they are much less likely to want to return it. Reducing returns is not only about reducing emissions, it increases profitability and customer satisfaction.

We live in a time when all companies, brands, and retailers, no matter how big or small, share a responsibility to protect our planet, and more and more brands are moving to digital gift cards. 

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