AMILON, a Zucchetti Group company, leader in Italy in the distribution of gift cards and digital vouchers, led by Andrea Verri and Fabio Regazzoni, has acquired 51% of AMAZING, a company founded in Modena by Matteo Manelli, Matteo Venturelli, Simone Barbolini and Marcello Maletti.

Amazing is the owner of Spiiky: a revolutionary application that allows users to save money and companies (physical stores or e-commerce) to give visibility to their products and services through a promotional system with no fixed costs.

The acquisition was completed through a capital increase subscribed by Amilon, which brought the Milan-based company to 51% in Amazing’s capital.

“This operation represents a great turning point for our company – underlines Fabio Regazzoni, CEO of Amilon – Spiiky is part of a strategy of acquisitions that Amilon is pursuing to complete its offer and become a privileged interlocutor also for small merchants and final consumers”.

The synergies between Amilon and Amazing are evident: Amilon draws its great strength from selling gift cards to companies. At the same time, Amazing has developed a great competence in the valorization of the consumer over the years. Moreover, Amazing will bring to Amilon great expertise in managing small merchants and creating a “local” offering in the corporate welfare area. Finally, Amilon and Zucchetti can establish direct relationships with all the principal Italian merchants (retailers) and have an already significant presence in the Hospitality world, which Spiiky can use to accelerate the growth at national level, in addition to considerable commercial strength and significant synergies in marketing and communication.

The operation was immediately concretized with the launch of the new version of the Spiiky app, entirely revised in graphics and usability and enriched with unique contents. The beating heart is a digital wallet that contains coupons and offers for the consumer and allows them to save money in everyday purchases. The new Spiiky wallet is also the keeper of the user’s cards, digitized loyalty cards, and gift cards that can be accessed with company welfare or with gifts and prizes received.

The new Spiiky app will also be a digital shop of gift cards and a waypoint for every user’s online purchase. Every operation will generate cashback, allowing to accumulate credits and then convertible into gift cards.

Matteo Manelli, CEO of Spiiky states that “thanks to this operation, we will finally be able to scale the Spiiky model throughout the country and become the only application in Italy to offer an “all in one” cashback model to its users. Thanks to Spiiky our users will be able to take advantage of a cashback/savings program on their everyday purchases both at local merchants (small physical stores and large-scale retail trade) and online at major national and international e-commerce sites”.

Andrea Verri, CEO of Amilon, emphasizes that: “For Amilon and the whole Zucchetti Group, Spiiky will be a strategic asset. Since the first contacts, the synergies have been evident, and the agreement on the strategy to be undertaken together. Spiiky has invested in the end customer, particularly in engagement and loyalty, which will add much value to Amilon, which has a customer/company focus. We are pleased about this mutual opportunity that we can give to each other, and we are already working on pouring the benefits on the market as soon as possible”.


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