Idea Shopping®

Idea Shopping® is Amilon's multibrand digital gift card that can be used in over 60 retail and e-commerce.

Ideal as a gift solution or digital reward for incentives, loyalty catalogues, reward operations and Welfare fringe benefits.

The Idea Shopping Blue® includes petrol vouchers and is the perfect solution for meeting the needs of the most demanding targets.

Idea Shopping

Idea Shopping® offers numerous advantages:

  • can be split up and used in combination with other offers
  • is valid in physical points of sales points or e-commerce stores, offering the utmost freedom of choice and all the benefits of the digital world.
  • is perfect for all targets, and offers to companies numerous tax benefits:
    • up to € 50 vouchers can be fully deducted as representation expenses (pursuant to art. 108 # 2 of Presidential Decree 917/86);
    • vouchers having a face value up to € 258.23 do not count as employee income, and can be fully deducted by the employer as payment in kind (art. 51 # 3 of Presidential Decree 917/86)
Piattaforma Idea Shopping

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