Gift Card Club

Are you looking for exclusive incentives that will make your employees and customers feel valued and special?

Meet Gift Card Club: Amilon’s e-commerce site that enables companies to reserve for their employees, customers and sales force particular discounts on a selected catalogue of gift cards.

Limited access to the platform assures the exclusivity of the benefit platform.

Discounts are immediately applied to digital gift card prices.

Amilon Gift Card Club online platform

With Gift Card Club it is so easy to

Gift Card Club is also highly customizable by companies to endorse their identity.

Discounts are another successful way of incentivizing and discounts on gift cards are simply irresistible. Choose Gift Card Club for your company and start satisfying your employees’ desires with a special incentive platform.

Recommended for companies of all sizes, Gift Card Club is always appreciated by users because it guarantees continuous savings on gift cards.

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