Our Story

Amilon was created in 2000 from the vision of two founding partners, Andrea Verri and Fabio Regazzoni, who saw a great innovative potential both in one-to-one marketing and in digital CRM. A few years later a new partner, Renato Buontempo, joined them as Chief Information Officer. In 2017, Valerio Pacaccio entered the company with the role of Chief Operating Officer and Board member.
Amilon’s main office is based in Milan and our professionals constantly work on developing Italian and foreign markets.

Our Vision

Amilon looks to a future where Branded Currencies — such as loyalty points, gift cards and coupons — will converge into a single ecosystem and can be used interchangeably, providing customers with a greater purchasing power and companies with a new concept of loyalty.

Measurable, customizable and effective revenue drivers: Branded Currency is a new and powerful customer experience tool.

Our Mission

Amilon's mission is to support companies in defining and managing Branded Currency strategies, enabling them to create added value and offer their customers an exclusive experience through each touch point.

All those retailers who understand now the importance of emerging in this ecosystem and exploiting its potential will become the "retailers of the future".

Amilon is a leader in this business, being the first company to promote the Branded Currency revolution in Europe. Its main focus is on creating and managing Branded Currencies — such as loyalty points, gift cards and coupons — opening new horizons and significant sales opportunities.

But Amilon is much more than this, the value of Amilon’s market is further increased due to the premium data gathered from gift card sales and digital rewards, which significantly improves the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

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