Amilon was founded in 2007 as part of ECRM Group, a Loyalty & CRM consulting company with more than 17 years of experience in retail marketing. We have been one of the first company to introduce in the European market physical and digital Gift Card programs. We are the pioneer of the rewarding and gifting industry by introducing digital innovation into the gift card market and a new methodology of “real time rewards” to eliminate the time from asking to receiving the prizes. In 2008 we launched one the first multi-branded digital voucher in which value can be spent both on e-commerce and in store. Now we are a solid international technology partner to provide multi-country digital rewards.


The innovation that rewards. We have contributed to build the European Gift Card market and we keep disrupting it with new rewarding and IT solutions. Our mission is to build the future by giving you the answer before you even ask the question. We are your solid international partner that will help you deliver the best customer experience through the best digital rewards of the industry.

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